First Class Motorhomes is a young company with a passion for motorhomes.

Purchase a motorhome in Melbourne First Class!

All jobs, big or small, matter to us. If you want the best motorhome repair services in Melbourne, or around Australia, we are First Class. Our team can perform any mechanical jobs


It may not be the first option many people think of when they’re imagining their dream trip around Australia, but we convert existing buses into motorhomes, and we’ll tell you why it might be your best option.

Custom Caravans

We tackle custom caravan builds and fitouts.

Caravans and similar towed vehicles need love and attention to keep living quarters up to scratch, and also mechanically sound.

Commercial Fitouts

We know that people use all types of vehicles to operate their businesses, and we can help convert and fit out almost anything that moves, to suit your business.

Maintenance & Insurance

Vehicles need to be maintained, and things can happen on the road. We also take on general maintenance and insurance work for commercial vehicles

Experience and High Standards

We pride ourselves on our high standards of workmanship, materials and customer service.

Our experienced team can handle all your motorhome roof repairs, replacements and more. Aside from standard motorhome conversions, we also offer bus motorhome conversions. We are the company to provide a custom motorhome modification or maintenance at the highest standards, as we can lower it, raise it or finish the modifications you started.

High Quality Engineering

Whether we’re building a motorhome, converting a bus, fitting out a commercial trailer, or conducting maintenance on a commercial vehicle, we apply the same quality engineering to each job.

We’re proud to show the vehicle transformations we’ve completed.  
Take a look at our work for more details