Get the Mobile Entertainment Started with Our Party Conversion Specialists

The team at First Class Motorhomes in Melbourne know how much of a good time party buses are – we’ve been on them; we’ve danced the night away on them, and we’ve had our fair share of drinks on them.

Everybody loves a good party bus: whether you’re throwing your 18th birthday party and want to take your friends across town, or take your crew out for a more refined winery tour and you want to jazz up the vehicular transport above just a car or even limousine—party buses are the way to go.

These nifty experiences allow for so much than sitting -belted in a normal car – the beats are pumping and the champagnes flowing.

So that’s why the team at First Class Motorhomes want to share their excitement for the party bus with you, and if you’re a new or existing business owner and require bus conversion from our team in Melbourne – call us today.

What we provide

We are experts in party bus conversion and will provide you with a service that fully equips your vehicle to make it ready for on-the-go fun. We can install sound systems, fancy upholstery and seating (to add a touch of class to your bus), lighting, wood flooring, and hand rails for those sudden stops and drunken passengers.

Our service will make your bus full-functioning and ready to take out the revellers!

When you choose First Class Motorhomes to convert your bus you can be sure that your party-goers will have the time of their lives.

Contact us to get the party on the road!

So are you a party bus company owner and need a new bus outfitted and ready to rock? Then get on board with First Class Motor Homes and have all your buses needs sorted!

Call us on 0408 378 725 or email us at to get this party started!