For anyone who has driven through the countryside, they would have seen many vehicles passing by, some much bigger than others. Either way, this is why people associate vehicles like buses and caravans with travelling.

However, like any vehicle, they need occasional repairs; otherwise they will stall on you, possibly right in the middle of nowhere. We are a fully licensed caravan mechanic, and we know how to fix or modify your vehicle to become the best motorhome it can be.

Why our Melbourne caravan fitouts & cabinetry are peak performance

Our experts have years of providing state of the art fitouts to anything that is liveable on four wheels. From fitouts for the dustiest old RVs to brand new cabinetry for stunning new models, we have the skills, passion and parts to turn any recreational vehicle into a five star mobile home, as we ourselves are passionate members of the community who love nothing more than taking our own specialised campers on the great Aussie road!

So, when you consult our team to turn your camper into your dream RV, you can trust that our highly creative and passionate experts will design a stunning fitout that eclipses your highest expectations. This is all part of our dedication to ensuring we provide the very best in caravan cabinetry, electronics and more, and we’ll make your vehicle something truly spectacular.

Upgrading your vehicle for your big trip

Many people dread having to catch the bus, with the likelihood of feeling cramped. But for campers, sleeping in their bus seems nice and cosy after it has gone through our modifications. Old buses can be converted into motorhomes for holidays around Australia.

People travelling from Melbourne potentially have a lot of ground to cover. Despite the length of the trip, travellers want to be comfortable and be able to take some of the creature comforts of home with them.

What cabinetry & other tech can we install in your motorhome?

Our Melbourne specialists can install a range of fitouts and appliances in your caravan, they include:

  • Kitchen, including sink, gas cook top, and small refrigerator/freezer
  • Bathroom facilities, including a shower and toilet
  • Furniture, including tables and a bed
  • Carpet
  • LED lighting
  • Television with a DVD player and antenna

What is the necessary maintenance for your vehicle?

Repairs and maintenance are another area where First Class Motor Homes have pride in their workmanship. From structural work, pulling walls back into square alignment, to repairing floors or even doors, no job too big or too small, we can repair your rundown van with a bit of tender loving care. Our mechanics near Melbourne are passionate about their job and will get your motorhome up to scratch.

What are common repairs on RVs?

  • Insurance repairs
  • Timber and Plywood repairs
  • Water leaks
  • Fiberglass
  • Faulty electrical outlets
  • Smash repairs


Want to contact us to have your RV repaired ASAP?

If your camper needs repairs before you head off on your great adventure, then please contact Darren

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