A first class motorhome conversion company in Melbourne

It may not be the first option many people think of when they’re imagining their dream trip around Australia, but we convert existing buses into motorhomes, and we’ll tell you why it might be your best option.

More money to make your trip memorable

The first and most obvious reason to convert motorhomes in Melbourne or around Australia is cost.

Did you know that the cost of buying and converting an existing bus into a motorhome (to your specifications) could be as little as half that of a brand new ‘off the shelf’ motorhome?

That’s more than a little extra latte money in your pocket!

It gets better, because when your trip is done, you’ve also got an investment that you’ll be able to either keep for future fun, or pass (with little depreciation) to the next adventurers.

We take care of all the hard work, while you choose your fittings, and plan your trip. For the best and most affordable custom motorhomes conversion, there is no one like us.

How does it work?

We offer motorhome conversions to clients from all over Victoria and we can work in a number of ways. By far the most straightforward start is if you allow us to help you source a bus (which you pay for). This gives us the opportunity to ensure that the vehicle is sound, and can meet your needs, as well as gaining you an asset immediately at a fraction of the cost of a new motorhome. OK – it’s not a motorhome – yet…

We’ll then work with you to specify exactly how you want the motorhome to be fitted out, from shaping the space with roof raising/floor lowering, to internal fittings like kitchen equipment and general decor, to high-tech entertainment systems, and mechanical upgrades.

Once we’ve agreed on the budget and the features, then we get to work, with progress payments due at the major stages of the project. We will provide you with excellent service and top quality motorhome conversions across Victoria.

Each bus and project is different, but contact us today to talk through your adventure plans and your options for a first class custom motorhome conversion.